Met Towers

Met Towers

Met Towers Sales, Delivery and Installation

WINData’s conventional met towers are fully compatible with industry-standard NRG instruments as well as many other premium brands. Click here for details on wind instrumentation and data collection equipment offered by WINData. WINData professionals install tilt-up towers, ranging from 20 to 60 meters, as well as permanent guyed-lattice structure towers ranging from 80 to 120 meters.

WINData has engineered and installed its own WINDataNOW! SuperDuty Met Towers – 60 meter meteorological towers that contain design improvements over competitors’ products.

WINData manufactures, sells, and installs meteorological (“met”) towers with the required instrumentation and data logging capabilities to make this new standard in meteorological data a reality.Click on the links below to view tower designs and specifications for our WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 50M-3 and 60M-5 “Met” Tower Systems:

WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 60M-5

     WINDataNOW! SuperDuty 50M-3

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