Tower Installation

WINData provides complete procurement, deployment, maintenance & repair, and removal/relocation services for tilt-up meteorological masts and instrumentation, sodar systems, and lidar systems. We are experienced with common NRG and Second Wind equipment and less common/legacy equipment by Campbell Scientific, Ammonit, Hoek Met Towers, Ge:Net, Double K, AAT, CTS, WINData, NexGen and many others.

We have been providing these services consistently for many years throughout the United States and occasionally internationally. We are experts with complex terrain, 50m, 60m, 80m and 100m installations, and we work out of several regional locations across the country. WINData can procure, refurbish, deliver and install used turn-key met tower systems from 50 to 120 meters .

WINData also offers professional services which include, meteorological (“met”) system array design, tower specification, project installation and data integration to support end user wind integration requirements and forecasting data services.

The most crucial step in the development of a potential wind site is the collection of accurate and verifiable wind speed and direction data as well as other meteorological parameters. WINData met towers and WINData professional installation services insure collection of “bankable” on-site wind data using guyed met towers in heights up to 100 meters. Each met tower system installation is planned, specified and supervised by company engineers in conjunction with our clients’ in-house specialists. On-going support is available throughout the entire data collection period.

WINData installs tilt-up met towers to each customer’s specification.Selecting the proper height is important and WINData will select the appropriate size and instrumentation for your site.Common heights include 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 80 meter towers.Taller, non tilt-up 100 meter towers are also available for either permanent or temporary installation.

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